PrairieCare, healthcare providers launch Mental Health Collaboration Hub


PrairieCare, a division of Newport Healthcare, has partnered with healthcare providers to launch the Mental Health Collaboration Hub in Minnesota, US.

Metro Health and Medical Preparedness Coalition, AspireMN and the Minnesota Department of Health are the partners for the initiative.

The 24/7 free online hub allows hospitals to input de-identified case information for youths who are boarding in their system. It will then match them to treatment settings across Minnesota.

The hub will also display trend data including ages, diagnosis, guardianship status and treatment recommendations in a dashboard.

Weekly video calls to discuss cases and treatment options will be facilitated by the Metro Health and Medical Preparedness Coalition, helping the users in strengthening their network in real time.

Minnesota’s provider community, along with the hub, identified more than 100 children and adolescents in boarding situations.

Mental health treatment is being given to most of the children while 77 individuals have been discharged from inappropriate settings.

PrairieCare CEO Todd Archbold said: “We have a remarkable community of providers who are innovative, determined and compassionate.

“The Hub is the result of a grassroots effort to decompress hospitals so that we can provide better mental healthcare, faster.”

In addition, the Hub is joining another initiative called Psychiatric Assistance Line, a free service for any healthcare provider to call for mental health triage and referral, or for a consultation.

Both the Hub and the Psychiatric Assistance Line are provided through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services and organised by PrairieCare.