CueZen teams up with Microsoft Azure Health Data Services


Redmond, Washington-based personalisation engine for health CueZen has partnered with Microsoft Azure Health Data Services to deliver personalised health recommendations at scale.

The collaboration will see CueZen’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology for health being leveraged along with Microsoft Azure’s cloud services to offer more personalised patient engagement solutions to healthcare enterprise customers.

CueZen CEO Ankur Teredesai said: “We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft Azure Health Data Services to empower healthcare enterprise customers to offer more personalised health recommendations and customised next-best actions to their members and patients.

“Together, we aim to provide tools for a more tailored and effective health experience for each individual, and to help improve engagement and health outcomes.”

This personalisation engine for health allows engagement in a sustained manner to boost behaviour change and aids to enhance patient outcomes while lowering costs via thorough precision recommendations.

Microsoft Health and Life Sciences data and AI senior director for MedTech Rajya Bhaiya said: “By combining CueZen’s AI-based personalisation engine with Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, we can help healthcare organisations rapidly scale to enable more personalised patient care.”

This work will allow CueZen to tap Azure’s cloud infrastructure to improve its medical device data management and analytics capabilities.

It will also enable CueZen to quickly roll out new features and functionalities to its customers across the world.

CueZen’s approach to advancing health data allows healthcare companies to create digital twins of their patient or member populations by bringing together clinical data with lifestyle data from health trackers, apps and home medical devices.